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Expert :Hanmin Bian Expert :Xingteng Chai Expert :Lanqi Dong Expert :Tiandai Guo Expert :Zhijuan Hu
Specialized in: Crushing Equipment Specialized in: Powdering Processing Technology Specialized in: Thermal Technology Specializedin: Technological Design Specialized in:Frontier Technology
Expert : Huirong Li Expert : Weiguang Li Expert : Weiguo Lu Expert : Congxi Tao Expert :Zhaoming Wang
Specialized in: Architectural Design Specialized in: Automatics Specialized in: Debugging Technology Specialized in: Thermoengineering Specialized in: Construction Engineering
Expert : Yang Wang Expert : Fen Xu Expert : Lulin Yang Expert : Wangli Yang Expert :Changhua Zhou
Specialized in: Electrical Technology Specialized in: Powdering Processing Equipment Specialized in:Plot Map Transportation Specialized in: Mine Technology Specialized in: Thermoengineering Equipment
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