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    As the signed contract about repairing and changing tyre with Lao Gan Meng Cement Industry Company Limited 2500T/D.With full support from Spare parts company we have sent 15 selected maintenance personnel to the site on Aug 8th.
   Overcoming the difficulty of construction in rainy season and the limited equipment of two 50t hoist at the limit height of 14mwe at the end successfully accomplished the repairing on Sept 15th.
Afterwards, the company hired the professional staff with registered quality from The State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to do ultrasonic inspection. The result was that our work was up to GB11345-89 Stander 2 higher 3 in the contract. At the same time, this service was highly acknowledged by Customer and Lao Cement Association and therefore made a Intention Service contract with Wanrong Cement Company Limited 1000T/D.
    This stands for a significant step and a new breakthrough in maintenance service for Spare Parts Company towards exploring the overseas market. Also it made a solid foundation for seeking development in the rapidly changing market.